Editia 2013

  • Câștigători STUDENT ETTI

    Premiul I Marius NICOARĂ IV EA Digital Implementation of Double Integral Quasi-Sliding Mode Control for a Synchronous Buck Converter Prof.dr.ing.Dorin PETREUŞ
    Premiul II Mircea-Valeriu ULINIC IV TST Performance Evaluation of the Floyd-Warshall and the Modified Dijkstra’s Algorithms Using OpenFlow Prof.dr.ing. Virgil Dobrotă, Sl.dr.ing. Andrei Bogdan RUS
    Premiul III Zsombor MUZSAI IV TST Performance Evaluation for the Floyd-Warshall and Ford-Fulkerson Algorithms in OMNeT++ Prof.dr.ing. Virgil DOBROTĂ, Sl.dr.ing. Andrei Bogdan RUS
    Menţiunea I Cosmin-Sorin PLEŞA IV EA Developing a Mobile Platform for Rugged and Dangerous Environments to detect CO with NI CompactRIO Sl.dr.ing.Liviu VIMAN
    Menţiunea II Elena Madalina TOMACHE IV TST Applications of Computational Visual Attention Models to Visually Salient Regions Detection in Cultural Heritage Images Analysis Conf.dr.ing. Mihaela GORDAN
    Menţiunea III Cristian RĂDUCAN IV EA A Comparative Analysis of Two Implementations of an LDO Structure for Dynamic Loads Conf.dr.ing. Marius NEAG

    Castigatori MASTER/DOCTOR ETTI

    Premiul I Andrei HOSU, Iustin-Al. IVANCIU II TC Context Information Acquisition for Ubiquitous Connectivity System Conf.dr.ing. Zsolt POLGAR, Virgil DOBROTĂ
    Premiul II Olga TORNEA PhD std Multimedia Data Compression and Encryption using DNA Cipher Prof.dr.ing. Monica BORDA, Prof.dr.ing. Marc ANTONINI
    Premiul III Alex PRODAN II CSI Prediction of Waveforms under the Variation of Input Factors using Neural Networks Prof.dr.ing. Gabriel OLTEAN
    Menţiunea I Bianca FAGARAS Ingrid KOVACS Anamaria OROS I CSI On Replication in Design of Experiments Prof.dr.ing. Marina ŢOPA
    Menţiunea II Bianca FAGARAS Ingrid KOVACS Anamaria OROS I CSI Blocking in Design of Experiments Prof.dr.ing. Marina ŢOPA

    Comisia de evaluare SSET 2013:
    Preşedinte comisie:Prof.dr.ing. Dan PITICĂMembri:Prof.dr.ing. Virgil DOBROTĂProf.dr.ing. Eugen LUPU

    Prof.dr.ing. Radu ARSINTE

    Conf.dr.ing. Niculaie PALAGHIŢĂ

    Conf.dr.ing. Romulus TEREBEŞ

    Conf.dr.ing. Doris CSIPKES

    Sl.dr.ing. Botond KIREI

    Sl.dr.ing. Septimiu POP

    Comitetul de organizare SSET 2013:
    Prof.dr.ing. Gabriel OLTEAN, Sl.dr.ing. Ligia CREMENE, As.dr.ing. Ionut CIOCAN,
    Stud. Bianca FĂGĂRAŞ, Stud. Bogdan PETRUŢA.


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