Editia 2009

  • Castigatori STUDENT ETTI


    Premiul I  Ciprian POP

    Adrian PÎRLEA



    A fuzzy combination of skin and facial features detectors to face detection in complex scenes

    Conf.dr.ing. Mihaela GORDAN

    Premiul II Oana-Raluca BÎTA

    Toma PATARAU

    Stefan- Romulus DARABAN




    Maximum Power Point Tracking for Solar Cells at Low Luminosity Prof.dr.ing. Dorin PETREUS
    Premiul III Mihai BANCISOR I RoboSlash – a small robot platform

    Asist.ing. Lucian MAN
    Mentiunea I Szilard HORVATH

    IV Coin Recognition using SIFT

    Prof.dr.ing. Corneliu RUSU
    Mentiunea II Diana DALALAU

    Dorin HINTEA

    IV  A Voice Biometric Time Domain Approach

    Prof.dr.ing. Eugen LUPU
    Mentiunea III Enea Claudius FLUERAS IV Software Application for Working with DICOM Medical Images in Java Programming Language Prof.dr.ing. Mircea VAIDA
    Premiul Special Mihai-Adrian COROS

    Cédric JOFFROY

    Anne-Marie PINNA-DERY



    Patterns for Interactive Service Composition

    Prof.dr.ing. Mircea VAIDA       Sl.dr.ing. Marcel CREMENE

    Castigatori DOCTOR ETTI


    Premiul I  Dorin CADAR

    Ionut CIOCAN

    - An Empirical Model of a Lithium-Ion Battery Prof.dr.ing. Dorin PETREUS
    Premiul II Cladiu LUNG

    Sebastian SABOU



    ZigBee Smart Sensors Network Prof.dr.ing. Dorin PETREUS
    Premiul III István KOVÁCS

    Raul ONET



    A Programmable Gain Amplifier With Optimized Frequency Compensation  Conf.dr.ing. Marius NEAG


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