Editia 2010

  • Castigatori STUDENT ETTI


    Premiul I  Adrian SUCIU
    Mihai BANCISOR
    III EA
    Robot Wars Asist.ing. Lucian MAN,
    Dep. Electronica Aplicata
    Premiul II Adriana CHINCISAN IV TST Study of Plants Growth by Image Analysis Prof. dr. ing. Aurel VLAICU, Dep. Comunicatii
    Conf.dr.ing. Julio Rojas Varela
    Conf.dr.ing Alain Clement,
    Automated Systems Engineering Lab., Andgers
    Premiul III Alexandru TOFAN
    Liliana TOMA
    Alexandru ILIE
    III EA
    III EA
    Road Recognition Vehicle Asist.ing Lucian MAN,   Dep. Electronica Aplicata
    Mentiunea I Radu POP IV TST A Comparison of Trance Transform and PCA-based Approaches For Face Recognition of Large Face Databases Conf.dr.ing.  Mihaela GORDAN, Dep. Comunicatii
    Mentiunea II Andrei BECHET,  Radu GATEJ IV EA  Urban Quest – location based mobile application Sl.dr.ing Cosmin STRILETCHI, Dep. Comunicatii
    Mentiunea III Adriana BURIAN
    Adrian TAUT
    Anamaria MATEI
    IV EA
    IV EA
    Digital Control Algorithm for DC-DC Converters Conf.dr.ing Ovidiu POP,  Dep. Electronica Aplicata

    Castigatori DOCTOR ETTI


    Premiul I  Paul FARAGO - A Genetic Algorithm-based Approach for
    Passive Filter Design
    Prof.dr.ing Gabriel OLTEAN
    Prof.dr.ing. Sorin HINTEA, Dep. Bazele Electronicii
    Premiul II Toma PATARAU - Comparison between Analog and Digital Control of LLC Converter Prof.dr.ing Dorin PETREUS, Dep. Electronica Aplicata
    Prof.dr.ing Petru DOBRA, Dep. Automatizari
    Premiul III Rajmond JANO - Intelligent Human Interface Design Conf.dr.ing. Gabriel CHINDRIS, Dep. Electronica Aplicata
    Mentiunea I Radu ETZ
    Stefan R. DARABAN
    Adina R. RUSU
    - A Comparison Between Digital and Analog Control for a BUK Converter Prof.dr.ing. Dorin M. PETREUS, Dep. Electronica Aplicata
    Mentiunea II Georgeta BOANEA
    Melinda BARABAS
    Andrei B. RUS
    - Preliminary Implementation of a Situation AwareMultipath Routing Algorithm Prof.dr.ing Dorim M. PETREUS, Dep. Electronica Aplicata
    Mentiunea III Marius DANCIU - An Integrated Windows Software Solution for DICOM information Processing and Visualization  Prof.dr.ing. Aurel Vlaicu, Dep. Comunicatii


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