Editia 2011

  • Castigatori MASTER / DOCTOR ETTI


    Premiul I


    Bogdan BUTA II TC Connecting Wireless Sensor Networks to the Internet Prof.dr.ing. Virgil DOBROTA

    PDR. Walter COLITTI

    Prof.dr.ir. Kris STEENHAUT

    Premiul II Alexandru POPA, 

    Victor-Eugen SALCĂ

    II TM


    Intelligent Methods for Improving Human Resource Management Service Conf. dr. ing. Bogdan ORZA

    Prof. dr. ing. Aurel VLAICU

    Premiul III Róbert PÉTER II TM 3D Medical Image Visualization on the iPhone/iPod touch Conf.dr.ing. Mihaela GORDAN
    Mentiunea I István KOVÁCS I CSI An Iterative Method for Designing the Miller Operational Amplifier Conf.dr.ing.  Marius NEAG
    Mentiunea II Andra CHINCISAN


    II TM


    Facial Emotion Recognition with Artificial Intelligence Techniques Conf.dr.ing. Mihaela GORDAN Stud. Carmen HOLBURA IV TST

    Castigatori STUDENT ETTI


    Premiul I


    Mihai BANCISOR

    Ciprian CARBUNARU

    III EA

    III EA

    Bomb Disposal Robot  
    Premiul II Alexandru OLENICI    

    Alexandru ILIE

    Alexandru TOFAN 

    Liliana TOMA 



    IV EA

    IV EA

    Bluetooth controlled vehicle Conf.dr.ing. Gabriel CHINDRIS
    Premiul III Alexandru Nicu MUNTEAN IV EA Automobile–Smartphone Telemetry Prof.dr.ing. Dorin PETREUS
    Mentiunea I Emil CIORAN,

    Paul BILIGA


    IV EA Eng A State-of-Charge Estimation Method for Lithium-Ion Batteries Prof.dr.ing. Dorin PETREUS Drd.ing. Dorin CADAR
    Mentiunea II Ion DOBROJAN, 

    Eugeniu SEMENCIUC,

    Dalia POPESCU




    Automation of Resistance Measurements in a Magnetic Field Prof.dr. Traian PETRISOR

    Drd.ing. Mihai GABOR

    Mentiunea III Bogdan  T. POP,

    Samuel   B. MOLDOVAN


    IV EA Digitally Controlled Synchronous Bidirectional DC-DC Buck/Boost Converter Used in Smart Grid Prof.dr.ing. Dorin PETREUS Drd.ing. Toma PATARAU
    Mentiune Adrian BORZ IV TST Gender Recognition using Fusion of Facial Strips Conf.dr.ing. Mihaela GORDAN
    Mentiune Simona CHINDEA IV TST RFID Application Development Using Atmel SDK  
    Mentiune Tudor CRISAN


    IV EA


    A Ni-Mh battery charger with dT/dt end-of-charge detection Prof.dr.ing. Dorin PETREUS
    Mentiune Gabriela FILIPOIU IV TST Software for Facial Emotion Recognition Conf.dr.ing. Mihaela GORDAN, Prof.dr.ing. Aurel VLAICU
    Mentiune Anamaria COMSA


    IV TST


    Simulation of Floyd-Warshall Algorithm Using OMNeT++ 4.1


    Prof.dr.ing. Virgil DOBROTA

    Dr.ing. Bogdan RUS

    Mentiune Carmen HOLBURĂ IV TST Computational Intelligence Techniques for Retinal Vessels Segmentation using Machine Learning Prof.dr.ing. Aurel VLAICU,

    Conf.dr.ing. Mihaela GORDAN

    Comisia de evaluare SSET 2011:

    1. Prof.dr.ing. Dan PITICA
    2. Prof.dr.ing. Gabriel OLTEAN
    3. Prof.dr.ing. Virgil DOBROTA
    4. Prof.dr.ing. Eugen LUPU
    5. Prof.dr.ing. Niculaie PALAGHITA
    6. Prof.dr.ing. Ioan CIASCAI
    7. Conf.dr.ing. Albert FAZAKAS
    8. Conf.dr.ing. Cristian FARCAS
    9. As.dr.ing. Lacrimioara GRAMA

    Comitetul de organizare SSET 2011:

    Prof.dr.ing. Dorin PETREUS, As.dr.ing. Ligia CREMENE, Prep.dr.ing. Ionut CIOCAN,
    Drd.ing. Adina RUSU, Drd.ing. Radu ETZ, Drd. Dorin CADAR, Drd. Toma PATARAU,
    Stud. Ioana FARAGO, stud. Alina DRAGOSTE, stud. Alexandra DOBARCAU.


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