Editia 2012

  • Castigatori STUDENT ETTI


    Premiul I Ingrid KOVACS IV TSTEngl. Adaptive Combination of Linear NLMS Filters and its Application in Acoustic System Identification Prof.dr.ing. Marina Ţopa
    Premiul II Emil MÎNZAT IV TST Monitoring QoS Parameters Using iPad Prof.dr.ing. Virgil Dobrotă
    Premiul III Teodora Alexandra COLDEA IV TST Pedestrian Motion Analysis from Surveillance Videos using Proximity Maps and Support Vector Machines Conf.dr.ing. Mihaela Gordan
    Menţiunea I Diana BOGĂŢEANU IV EA The Effect of Process Deviations on Analog Integrated Circuits and Circuit Level Compensation Methods Asist.drd.ing. Paul Farago
    Menţiunea II Elena Madalina TOMACHE IV TST Applications of Computational Visual Attention Models to Visually Salient Regions Detection in Cultural Heritage Images Analysis Conf.dr.ing. Mihaela Gordan
    Menţiunea III Doru OLTEAN,
    Paul BUZILĂ
    II IELTC Diversity Gain of a SIMO System with Antenna Selection Sl.dr.ing. Ligia Cremene, Conf.dr.ing. Nicolae Crişan

    Castigatori MASTER/DOCTOR ETTI


    Premiul I Iulian CÂMPANU Master II CSI The design of two second-order polyphase biquads using AO-RC implementation Conf.dr.ing. Marius Neag
    Premiul II Claudiu LUNG Drd. PicoBlaze Software Development Kit for multiprocessor APRS controller Prof.dr.ing. Dorin Petreuş
    Premiul III Ovidiu-Adrian TURDA Master I TM Comparison of Two Line Detection Techniques Sl.dr.ing. Camelia Florea
    Menţiunea I Emanuel POPESCU Master I CSI On the Practical Advantages of Fuzzy k-NN Classification in Visual Objects Recognition Conf.dr.ing. Mihaela Gordan
    Menţiunea II Ovidiu ILEŞ Master II TM A survey on skin detection based on pixel color classification Sl.dr.ing. Camelia Florea
    Menţiunea III Vladimir MOLDOVAN Master
    I TM
    Vocal Interaction with a Virtual Library using VXML Sl.dr.ing. Ovidiu Buza


    Comisia de evaluare SSET 2012:

    Secţiunea Student ETTI:

    1. Prof. Virgil Dobrotă

    2. Prof. Niculaie Palaghiţă
    3. Prof. Mircea Vaida
    4. Prof. Radu Arsinte
    5. Conf. Albert Fazakas
    Secţiunea Master/Doctor ETTI:

    1. Prof. Monica Borda

    2. Prof. Marina Ţopa
    3. Prof. Gabriel Oltean
    4. Prof. Mircea Giurgiu

    Comitetul de organizare SSET 2012:

    Prof.dr.ing. Dorin PETREUŞ, Sl.dr.ing. Ligia CREMENE, As.dr.ing. Ionut CIOCAN,
    Stud. Ioana FARAGO, Stud. Bianca FĂGĂRAŞ.


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